Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wise: Whites Swim in Racial Preference Reflection -- Late :(

I really enjoyed reading and watching these videos. They were really interesting and put a different spin on the case that I've already learned so much about. I've learned about this case at least 6 different times between middle school, high school, and college. I figured we would learn about the case again seeing as this is a class all about diversity and how we get there. These videos really applied it and showed me that it still exists today.

The main argument in the videos and the article is that racism is still prevalent today in society. I totally agree with this. Even if it is not conscious racism, it still exists. It’s not as terrible as it was before the civil rights movement it still exists. It takes people suing school boards in order for change to be made. People think that racism in America has ended just because our president is Obama and Obama happens to be black. This is totally untrue. Just because we have a black president doesn't mean that racism is defeated. Tim Wise also made the point that there are two types of racism: Racism 1.0 and Racism 2.0. Racism 1.0 is discrimination and segregation. This was overcome. Racism 2.0 is racism in society today.

I used to agree with a Morgan Freeman quote that he said during an interview. An interviewer asked him “How do you think we should stop racism in the United States?” Morgan Freeman replied with “Stop talking about it.” Before this class I thought it was brilliant, that racism would be less of an issue if people just stopped bringing it up. After all, it is 2015. BUT I realized that Johnson was right. You HAVE to talk about it in order to stop it. People cannot be afraid to talk about racism, you have to say the words in order to be able to destroy it.

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  1. Hey Devon! This is great! I love how honest you were in sharing how you used to agree with Morgan Freeman's quote and now you agree with Johnson. I really like the finger prints, how powerful! Great job!