Wednesday, January 28, 2015

About Me

Hello everyone! ☺
My name is Devon Desaulniers and I am a freshman here at Rhode Island College! I'm from Smithfield, about 10 minutes up the road. I am majoring in elementary education with a concentration in mathematics. Like many of you, I've worked with children for as long as I can remember and I have loved every minute of it. Of course there were stresses involved, as there are with everything, but I have never for a second doubted my choice of becoming a teacher. My life pretty much includes school and babysitting for multiple families. Other than that I spend my free time with my friends or with my best friend: Netflix. I'm very exciting if you couldn't already tell.
Aside from spending time with friends and Netflix, over winter break I did some traveling.  I went to San Antonio to visit my incredible boyfriend who graduated basic training for the Air Force at the beginning of the month, which was an amazing thing to witness. I also went to New Hampshire on a family vacation to see the mountains up in North Conway, which was beautiful.
Lackland AFB, Texas

I can't wait to have a great semester with you all!